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Beth's Experience with Pregnancy & Gestational Diabetes

Written by Beth - one of Love Kiddo's lovely brand reps

I absolutely loved being pregnant with my son. First trimester was all day nausea but that disappeared by week 11! I loved going for scans and feeling him move.

My pregnancy was a normal one up until my midwife noticed my bump was measuring 2 weeks ahead at every appointment. She booked me in for a gestational diabetes test. I pricked my fingers for 7 days 1 hour after each meal and wrote my readings down. I emailed them across to a consultant and went along my day. A few days later I had a phone call telling me my results were high and I have gestational diabetes.

Something small for other people perhaps but for me I instantly blamed myself.

Was it the cake I ate last week?

Have I eaten one too many sweets?

I cried on my way home apologising to my little boy in my tummy.

I’m 24, 7st and I’m a size 8. Now it might sound very narrow minded of me but I really didn’t think I’d get diabetes. But when I did my research it doesn’t mean that at all. My consultant was amazing. When I read into it, it reassured me it was nothing I had done. It can be hereditary (my mum was never tested with me or my brother). It was simply my placenta couldn’t break down the sugar enough.

She rang every week to check up on how I was doing. I got put on a diet which was very depressing and effected my mental health quite a bit but I’d do it all again for my son.

My bump was absolutely huge, I’m such a small frame and it looked massive but I felt amazing in my body.

Because of the diabetes along side that comes polyhydramnios. Which is excess amniotic fluid. Which then I was told I couldn’t have the dream water birth I wanted.

Again my heart sunk.

3 days before I had my boy, I was up in the night scratching endlessly at my skin, mostly hands and feet. It was June, so just the weather right? I went on the dreaded Google. But this time, it actually saved mine and my sons life to an extent. Cholestasis came up. I read all the articles and other women’s stories.

I really panicked.

I bought it up to my midwife and she said “no it’s just the hot weather”. But when I got home I had this nagging in the back of my head, “somethings wrong”. So I rang the day assessment unit and they took a blood test. The next day they rang and said a normal bile acid level is below 10. Mine was 75. I was put on medication right away. Anything over 90 is seriously dangerous and has a high rate in stillbirth.

I cried and cried.

A pregnancy that was so perfect, was going so wrong.

My body was giving up.

It was failing my son.

I blamed myself for everything.

The day I went into labour they tested my bile acids again. 88. I was bruising myself from itching so much.

Although I blamed myself, I'm so proud that I didn’t just take my midwife's advice and leave it, I trusted my gut. My boy was born healthy and happy. I'm still having scans and blood tests for my liver but it’s now in a healthy state.

My main message from my pregnancy story is, please trust your gut.

If something doesn’t feel right please get it checked out. You aren’t a burden to the midwives and doctors. It’s so much better to be safe than sorry.

Pregnancy is the most beautiful thing but also a stressful and anxious time. I would do it all again in a heartbeat for my boy and I’m glad that I listened to my body’s signs and that nagging thought in my head.

Listen to your gut.

Beth x


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